About us

Quality and design mean a lot to us!
We’re a very small family company from Králíky – you can find us on the Bohemian-Moravian border.

The father Karel – an honest “old school” craftsman – is a guarantee of quality with invaluable experience behind him.

His sons Kristián and Dominik are following in their father’s steps, introducing a novel, modern, fresh and attractive approach into the company.

Our so far biggest job, where our collaboration naturally began, was the complete renovation of our house, including the manufacture of interior elements; according to the responses of our relatives and friends, it was a great success!

The three of us are a team, working together on our contracts and participating in the creation of products from order to delivery. We therefore have absolute control over the whole process.

Why us?

You won’t see our products everywhere!

Quality, functionality and timelessness are most important to us whenin the creating creation of products.

We use trully authentic materials – wood, glass and metal. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology results in design elements that you will enjoy for decades.

It’s no wonder that we provide extended warranties on all our products!

It is truly important to us to have satisfied customers who enjoy our products and want to show them off to everyone, because the best advertising is a recommendation!

Our Products

Chest of drawers

Price upon request

The Copper Dream chest of drawers was created from matte lacquered steel elevated by copper elements. Enrich your home with this luxurious chest of drawers with adjustable height.


85 EUR

This aroma lamp, aptly named Galaxy, will forever keep your attention with its changing shifting colors. You will find your own personal piece of the cosmos in the this hand forged copper bowl.


450 EUR

This coffee table with rounded shapes will cater to your fantasy. The stable oak legs and the highly durable, 4mm thick, steel lacquer on the table top make the Delight mango table a very special piece. Choose your colour.


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