Chest of drawers "Copper Dream"

Copper is a fascinating material; it recently aroused a desire to create in us, resulting in the dreamy chest of drawers "Copper Dream". The frame is made of solid black painted steel with a matter finish. Copper is used as a side panel element, with copper rivets adding a nice little touch.

Are you thinking what part of your home you could make special with "Copper Dream"? Two different heights of removable legs could make your choice easier. You can show off your dream chest of drawers in your living room as a TV table, or you can opt for the taller higher version and use it as a bar to guard your liquid gold. Made to order.

Dimensions LxWxH (cm):
low: 157 x 33 x 62
high: 157 x 33 x 80

Price upon request

Aroma lamp "Galaxy"

Discover your own galaxy in the Galaxy copper aroma lamp bowl. Let your favourite scent wafting from the bowl carry you into deep relaxation, and allow yourself the pleasure of your eyes intertwining with interstellar dust in changing shifting colours. The copper bowl is hand forged, and each bowl comes in a specific colour in varying intensity, just like a stellar system. The base is made of steel painted in a dark colour, which will not in any way distract from the moments of fantasy spent with your own personal piece of the cosmos.

Bowl diameter: 15cm
Height: 12cm

85 EUR

Coffee table "Delight Mango"

Relish in the organic shape of the Delightful Mango coffee table. It is supported by three solid oak legs, demonstrating their robustness in a gentlemanly manner. They are treated with an oil-based stain, the top layer consisting of OSMO UV-stable hardwax based on natural components. The 4mm table top board gets its impressive colors thanks to powder coating, elevating this elegant furniture piece to a very durable table that will stand the test of time. The coffee table is assembled by attaching the legs with one screw. Made to order.

- Grey/beige with black legs. This is a very novel combination that will combat drab interiors.

- The pale green plastel shade is complemented by legs in a cognac colour. Friendly colours can evoke a kind atmosphere.

- Cement grey and tobacco-coloured legs. An elegant combination with a masculine energy.

- Grey/blue table top and natural legs. A remarkable piece of furniture in classic colours.

Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 112 x 67 x 42.5

450 EUR

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